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Computer Course

The students in this computer class learn how to program, type, use Google Apps, and most importantly collaborate. Every year brings something new, though. Some years consist of learning how to use Photoshop, Movie Maker, Scratch,, Mouse Create, and more! 

Robotics Course

The students in the robotics class learn how to build robots, program them to move autonomously, work in teams, and  more. The students work with Lego Mind Storm and use Enchanting, a programming software, to program the robots.  


Mr. Vuong

  Hello! My name is Mr. Vuong and I teach computers and robotics classes at Sepulveda Middle School. I hope that any students enrolled in any of my computer or robotics classes learn to do more than just work with technology. I hope that my students cultivate a passion for technology of the present as well as the future. I hope to see them develop abilities that are important in many careers today. 




Mr. Vuong Locker
8/17/19 11:48 AM
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