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About Us

Located in North Hills, Sepulveda Gifted Magnet has a long history in creating a safe space in which students thrive daily. Our students and teachers come from various backgrounds and cultures which creates a rich culturally inclusive atmosphere. Our welcoming staff and rich resources are ready to guide and support our students and families. 

We provide our students with rigorous, technologically demanding, and cross-curricular studies. Our classrooms are supplied with:

  • Smart/Promethean Boards
  • Chromebook carts 
  • Document readers
  • Apple TV's
  • Apple laptops (classrooms)

Our teachers engage yearly in training and workshops, specifically to meeting the needs of our Gifted learners. 


Sepulveda Gifted Magnet offers 

transportation to students living outside

the 5 mile air radius. 


To know if you qualify

Please call :213-2416701 or

click on picture above to visit their website.


What we offer
  • A Personalized Magnet Counselor 

  • Small class sizes

  • Caring, engaged educators 

  • Four specialized Administrators 

  • Bilingual Staff in every office and department

  • Transportation if you live outside the 5 mile air radius from our school

  • Coordinators and family Support Staff 

  • Online support & assistance for families

  • Welcoming environment