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My name is Mr. Broomfield, educator here at Sepulveda MS since 1992. I have taught mathematics here for 20 years, but for the last  7 years I have been working in the Social Science Department, teaching history, geography and culture. I started working for LAUSD back in 1965 as a student worker.

    Some years after graduating from UCLA, I went back to work for LAUSD, as an education aide in the math department at my alma mater Belmont High school. Some years later I received my teacher's credential , master's degree and an additional degree in social science. I have been involved in music for several decades and am fortunate to travel throughout the world performing and teaching folks about the love of God. 

Current Assignments

Denzil Broomfield

 To our wonder parents and guardians.It is very important that we are able to communicate with each other throughout the school year. I find that for me, it is very convenient  for you to simply send me a note with your phone number, and a time to call. I will get back to you that day. E-mail may take longer as there are usually many messages to read. I am looking forward to serving you and your student this year and next!!!!!!!

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