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Tutoring Availability


Tutoring Availability

Teachers are here to help you.  If you don't understand an assignment, or need extra help, please visit your AVID Site Team.


Teacher Subject Room # Time
Mrs. Doherty English 96 Before School
Ms. Perrigue English 82 Lunch time (except Mondays)
Mrs. Levin English 93 Lunch time (except Mondays
Ms. Chawannakul Math 84 Wednesdays at lunch time
Ms. Ponec Math 88 Lunch time
Mrs. Cube Science 87 Wenesdays 3-3:30
Mr. Aguinaga Science  89 Lunch time (except Mondays)
Mr. Merayo History 41 Before school
Mr. Konieczny History  85 Nutrition time
Mr. Torres History  97 Before school & Lunch time
Mrs. Cueva All subjects 19 Before school & Nutrition time


Los Angeles Public Library On-line Tutoring

LAPL Teen-Web

Need help with homework?  The Los Angeles Public Library is another resource available to you. 

You will need to:

1. Click on icon above

2.  Have your library card ready

3. Know the last 4 digits of your telephone #