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Jennifer Tu Locker

Jennifer Tu

Distance Learning Updates

Live Zoom Meeting Schedule for Music Classes


          Period 1 - 9:30 am

          Advisory H - 11:30 am

          Advisory L -  12:30 pm

          Period 5 -  1:30 pm


          Period 2 - 9:30 am

          Period 4 - 10:30 am

          Advisory H - 11:30 am

          Advisory L -  12:30 pm

          Period 6 - 1: 30 pm

Friday (Alternating each week):     

          Period 1/2 - 9:00 am

          Period 4 - 10:05 am

          Period 5/6 - 11:10 am                    


  • Live music instruction will happen through Zoom and will follow the schedule above.  Instructions for joining the Zoom meetings will be posted in the Updates for the class.
  • All music lessons and assignments will posted in the Updates section of Schoology and will be submitted through Schoology.
  • My office hours are Fri from 12:40-1:15 AM.  I can be reached by email and Schoology.  

Late work policy

  1. Turned in on time for full credit
  2. Turned in up to 1 week late for 1 grade lower
  3. Turned in up to 2 weeks late for 2 grades lower
  4. Not accepted after 2 weeks late

My name is Mrs. Tu and I am honored to teach band, orchestra and choir here at Sepulveda Middle School.  With hard work and determination, my goal is to make our music program one of the best in all of LAUSD!  Students in the music department will learn to work to become excellent musicians and to be part of a great team.  We have a great year ahead of us of concert performances, field trips to see professional music performances and festivals.



Beginning Winds

Advanced Band

Jazz Band

Beginning Strings

Advanced Orchestra


A little about myself.... I am a proud alumni of Sepulveda MS who studied violin here many years ago!  I went on to study violin and saxophone at Van Nuys HS.  I earned my BA in Saxophone Performance and Music Education from UCLA.  I earned my teaching credential and Masters Degree in Music Education from CSUN.  I also earned National Board Certification in music, with a specialty in strings.  I taught band and orchestra at Nightingale Middle School for 10 years.  I taught band, orchestra and music theory at Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts for 4 years.  At both schools my ensembles consistently scored Superior ratings at festivals and performed all over the state.  I am excited to be able to do the same here at Sepulveda MS!

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Current Assignments