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Richard Cate

Mr. Cate: Personal Profile

I teach 7th grade History/Social Studies here at the Sepulveda Middle School Gifted Magnet. I am a graduate of Cal. State University, Fullerton and Pepperdine University, with certificates from USC, UCLA, UC Irvine and UC Berkeley. The latter is my favorite school. 


I am a veteran of the US Army and spent 14 years in the Entertainment Industry as Director, Writer, Cameraman and a wee bout as an actor. 


I am eclectic, my interests include driving race cars, flying in WWII era airplanes, writing, world travel (I have been to all seven continents), since my mother was a Disney artist I grew up with an interest in Art. I currently paint (primarily in acrylic) though I rarely sell anything. I am a big fan of space exploration and physics and share news items of the day on these topics with the students. 


I Love Color, and encourage my students to indulge me with creative presentations of their assignments. 


To contact me please use Schoology as I will check that most often.

Current Assignments
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