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Office Hours

The hours I will be answering emails right away are:

Friday 12:40 pm - 1:15pm   - Office Hours/ Parent Outreach

Send an email anytime and I try to get back to you ASAP.  

* Note: There are times I may be busy, but I am concerned about your questions.  

Thomas Siegel Locker

To llink to my Syllabus Click Here.  The Syllabus explains my class organization and expectations along with materials in the  Schoology courses folders.

Thomas Siegel

Welcome to Mr. Siegel's homepage. I am a 6th grade Math, Science, and Math Tutoring teacher in Room 57.  If you are here to do your assignments, get attendance credit, or check your grades, click on the link to Schoology. Check Below my picture for important information.

How To Find A Lesson In Schoology and Do Assignments / Edpuzzle Videos / How To Submit Assignments

Finding The Lesson

Go to course and then find your Folder icons near the top of the page.  The folders contain lessons.  They should have the date and a short agenda on them.  The blue folders are for Math and the Green Folders are for Science.  Click on the blue words to the right of the folder icon for the lesson you want to do.


When you Open the lesson  there will have a bunch of things to do so you can learn new things.  Do them in order.  Some of the things you may find in the folder is an agenda/directions that explain what things are in the lesson, standards and objectives (what you will have learned from the lesson), some notes, some videos or a screen cast from me explaining the work.   Finally, you will have some sort of assignment.  It may be discussion questions, a quiz, test or worksheet.


How to Submit a Lesson

Please review the following brief video (that will assist you in submitting your answers to assignments and other tasks:

How to Submit Assignments on Schoology.  How to Upload Asssigments CLICK HERE


Edpuzzle Video - I will be using Edpuzzles videos in your folders.  They work a little different.  They stop at points and ask questions.  You need to check on a box or type in a word, then you can press submit, and finally continue to go on in the video.  Each question gets recorded for your grade.  If you are not sure, you can hit the rewatch button and see the part again to check.  You only get one chance to submit an edpuzzle answer, so make sure your answers are correct before you submit your final answer.



 Good luck. -- Mr. Siegel


How to Contact Me

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